Chilli Sauce, Oil & Paste

Chilli sauces and chilli oils are a delicious way to pep up a savoury meal. We offer a variety of sauces with different flavours, such as Thai sweet chilli, Peri Peri and smokey barbeque. These can be used as dips or poured onto food on. Many of these sauces also add a kick to dishes such as bolognese, chilli con carne and curry just by sploshing some in as a seasoning. You can also make tasty vinaigrettes and dressings with a splash of chilli sauce.

Chilli Sauce and Chilli Oil

The Classic Hot Pepper Sauce.
Original size bottle.
RRP was: £3.76
Pepper and Chilli hot Sauce. Add a splash for a hot pasta sauce or inside a burger.
Delicious combination of chillies & garlic in a sweet sauce.

Chilli Paste & Dips

Plain Red Chilli Paste - use as a condiment or seasoning.
Plain Green Chilli Paste - a slightly milder form of chilli paste.
Condiment style Chilli paste. Spoon onto snacks or use to flavour soups, stews & pasta.
RRP was: £2.65
RRP was: £2.45

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Chillies and Chilli Powder

Hot & Extra Hot Chilli Powder, Flakes & Whole Dried Chillies
We sell a variety of chilli flakes and powders in economy-sized bags, for the real chilli fiends who love to add chilli to everything!

Curry Paste

Thai and Indian Curry Pastes
Curry pastes are one of the easiest ways to create quick and tasty curries. Simply combine with a liquid such as stock, coconut milk or tinned tomatoes to make the sauce and add your choice of meat/vegetables. Curry paste also makes a great marinade or sauce for basting.

Curry Powder

Curry powder is incredibly popular, because it's a convenient way of turning almost any meal into a curry. Of course, there is no set formula for curry powder as such: each different brand contains different ingredients in different ratios. We supply a variety of different types, and also large economy-sized bags.

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