Pulses are a cheap and low-fat source of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. They are a great way to bulk out dishes and make them more satisfying. Yet we often get asked how to use them. So here are some of our favourite pulse recipes…

Black Bean Brownies! (via

Beans…in a brownie? No we haven’t gone crazy – black beans really can be used as a substitute for flour in many gluten-free recipes! They work particularly well in brownie recipes as they make the mixture extra fudgy. This little gem of a recipe uses dates and apple purée to sweeten! Guilt-free brownies? Who knew!

Blessed Buddha Bowl

This beautiful power bowl is full of delicious superfoods – including roasted chick peas! The perfect dish for summer. Use our canned chickpeas for a speedy supper!

Black-eyed Pea Chilli with quinoa and corn (via

This recipe is a great go-to recipe if you have to cook for a crowd! Simmer all day in your slow cooker and serve with cornbread! The abundance of pulses and quinoa means that this dish is packed full of protein and will keep you fuller for longer!

Mung Bean and Kale Soup (via

Mung beans are well-known for sprouting but few people know that they also make for a delicious addition to soup and stews! This healthy recipe is high in protein and low in fat! This is a great example of how pulses can bulk out meals and make them really satisfying.

Lentil Dahl (via

Lentils simmered in a mixture of coconut milk, chopped tomatoes, baby spinach and lots of aromatic herbs! This dish can be served as a main with brown rice or as a side dish!

Tuscan Aduki Bean Soup (via

This unique Tuscan Bean soup is vegan friendly and packed full of nutrients. It combines kombu, kale, chickpeas, cannelini beans, aduki beans, chopped tomatoes, vegetable stock and lots of flavoursome herbs.

Kidney Bean Burgers with Avodaco and Lime (via

Red Kidney Beans are normally associated with chilli con carne but their texture and flavour make them fantastic additions to bean burgers! This recipe combines red Kidney Beans with carrot, herbs and eggs to make delicious veggie burgers! Meat-free Monday never looked so GOOD!

Did you know that you can sprout pulses?

You can sprout most beans including chickpeas, mung beans, aduki beans and whole lentils. Mung beans are the most popular: once sprouted, they become the familiar Chinese Bean Sprouts! For best results, use a germinator jar and water twice a day for 5 days. For best results, use organic pulses, and please note that split lentils are not sproutable – only whole ones. Please also note that kidney beans are not for sprouting, as they must be cooked in order for them to be edible.

Pinto Bean Burritos (via

Pinto beans are the primary ingredient in refried beans, so it makes sense that they would taste oh-so delicious in a burritos. This recipe combines swiss chard, pinto beans, wholemeal tortillas and spices to make a healthier version of this popular wrap!

Mediterranean roasted chicken breast with tomatoes and cannelini beans. (via

Pulses don’t have to mean meat-free! This Mediterranean roasted chicken recipe uses chicken breasts, cannelini beans and tomatoes to make a veritable family feast! The beans and chicken combined pack such a protein punch that you probably would not need anything on the side – but if you do then we recommend cous cous or bulghur wheat!

Houmous (via

An easy peasy recipe made with chickpeas, garlic, tahini and sumac!. Just add all your ingredients and blend. Serve with carrots, peppers and cucumber for a tasty and nutritious afternoon snack!

Minestrone Soup

This vegan-friendly soup is packed with flavours of Tuscany. Cannellini beans provided an added protein hit.