Sussex Wholefoods Cereals

Special Offer: Was: £2.99
Organic Wholegrain Barley Flakes
These make for a chunky, high fibre muesli base. Great with strawberries and yoghurt drizzled on top.
Special Offer: Was: £7.49
Crispy, toasted flakes made of whole wheat flour.
Special Offer: Was: £3.75
75% Organic Wheat Bran, sugar-free Breakfast Cereal
No sugar, no salt and no additives. Just pure wheat bran and wheat.
Special Offer: Was: £6.99
Special Offer: Was: £6.25
Economy Sized Bag of Rolled Millet
Organic millet flakes are ideal for making porridge and muesli. It has a very subtle sweetness and is low in fat.
Special offer! Was: £4.45
A large bag of organic oatbran
100% pure oat bran, for added fibre to the diet. Excellent value organic oat bran, for those who eat oat bran on a regular basis.
Special Offer: Was: £5.95
A large value bag of Organic Jumbo Oats
Great in baking recipes, for flap jacks and chunky porridge.
Our lowest-priced jumbo oats (per kilo)
A large value bag of Conventional Jumbo Oats
Great in baking recipes, for flap jacks and chunky porridge.
Special Offer: Was: £5.95
A Large Value Bag of Porridge Oats
Organic oat flakes which are simply perfect for a smooth, creamy porridge.
Our lowest-priced oat flakes (per kilo)
Our most popular fine oatmeal.
Economy fine oatmeal!
Our most popular coarse oatmeal.
Excellent-value bulk bag!
Special offer! Was: £10.99
Pure Quinoa Flakes
Organic quinoa flakes with nothing else added. Try this economy sized bag.
Special Offer: Was: £6.75
Organic Rolled Brown Rice Flakes
These rice flakes are popular in gluten/wheat free porridge and muesli recipes.
Special Offer: Was: £4.99
Organic Rolled Spelt

Wholegrain spelt flakes in an economy sized bag. 100% natural, no other added ingredients.

Big Bag, Little Price!
Organic Wheat Bran
  • Bumper pack. Amazing value!
  • Organic produce.
  • High fibre.
Special Offer! Was: £2.35
Bumper bag of wholegrain rolled Wheat
Organic, Pure Toasted Wheat Flakes
Special Offer: Was: £79.00

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Natural Wheatgerm 500g (Tree of Life)

Organic, Raw Wheatgerm
  • Good source of Folate & B Vitamins
  • High in fibre.

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