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Our most popular fine oatmeal.
Price: £2.99 (or buy 3 or more for £2.84 each)
Product Code: 7OAT8
Last Batch Produced on Fri 2 Aug 2019 11:14. Best before End Jun 2020. Organic produce of EU. Packed in the UK.

Fine Oatmeal, Organic 1kg (Sussex Wholefoods)

Price: £2.99 (or buy 3 or more for £2.84 each)
Product Code: 7OAT8
Our most popular fine oatmeal.

Organic Finely Ground Oats 1kg

  • Organic produce.
  • Fine oatmeal.
  • Extremely versatile ingredient.
  • Can make a smooth porridge or used like a course flour.
  • Great when used as a thickener in sauces or shakes.
  • No additives or preservatives.
  • High in protein and fibre!
  • Makes a softer, smoother porridge, perfect for children.
  • Try mixing with Cacao Powder for a deliciously chocolatey breakfast!
  • Packed in Sussex.
  • 1kg pack.
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Organic Oatmeal. Produce of EU and UK


Oatmeal is commonly used in porridge. Add water to the Oatmeal. Boil for around 5 minutes and add milk to taste. You can also sprinkle oatmeal onto porridge. Oatmeal can be simply sprinkled onto breakfast cereals - it's suitable for eating cold as well as hot.

Oatmeal can also be used in biscuit mixes, or to thicken casseroles. Oatmeal is also commonly used to thicken milkshakes: athletes often add oatmeal to their shakes for extra sustained energy throughout the day, as well as a more satisfying texture.

OrganicWheat-freeDoes not naturally contain glutenVegetarian, VeganDairy-free.

Our most popular fine oatmeal.

Price: £2.99 (or buy 3 or more for £2.84 each)
Product Code: 7OAT8

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