Completely Whole Grains

Grains in their whole, un-processed form...
Use whole in stews, salads and soups or grind to make wholegrain flour.
Wholegrain Pot Barley (with bran)
Hearty, healthy barley grain. High in protein, fibre, B vitamins and minerals. Great to add substance to a soup or stew.
Whole Oat Groats
Makes thick and chunky porridge and can be eaten instead of rice.
Barley Grains with No Outer Bran
Pearl barley is a popular addition to thick and chunky winter broths and soups. It is high in protein and energy-packed carbohydrates.
Whole Rye Grains - Organically Grown (UK)
Dark grains that make an excellent addition to stews, can be used instead of rice or can be milled into a flour.
Whole Spelt Grains
Unique and nutty in flavour.
Special Offer: Was: £4.75
Whole Grains of Spelt
The outer husk is retained with these organically grown spelt grains Nutty flavour, perfect for stews and risottos • Perfect ingredient for adding fibre and protein to your diet.
Whole Grain Wheat
Organic whole grains of wheat. Add to soups, stews and with vegetable dishes.
Flakes suitable for porridge, muesli and baking.
Large Rolled Oats
Ideal for making flapjacks, biscuits and thick porridge.
Special Offer: Was: £5.49
A large value bag of Organic Jumbo Oats
Great in baking recipes, for flap jacks and chunky porridge.
Pure porridge oats - also for muesli
These 100% pure rolled oats are in the form of fine flakes, suitable for porridge-making and muesli. They can also be used to make biscuits and flap-jacks.
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A Large Value Bag of Porridge Oats
Organic oat flakes which are simply perfect for a smooth, creamy porridge.
Special Offer: Was: £6.75
Organic Rolled Brown Rice Flakes
These rice flakes are popular in gluten/wheat free porridge and muesli recipes.
Organic Wholegrain Flaked Spelt
  • Ideal for muesli, porridge and breads.
  • High in fibre and Iron.
Wholegrain rolled rye flakes
Dark rye flakes have a robust nutty flavour. These are great for muesli, bread recipes and dense crackers.
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Wholegrain rolled barley
Barley flakes are high in protein and fibre. They make a great muesli or porridge.
Fine milled grains, germ and bran. Can be mixed to make smooth porridge or to add fibre to your breakfast, baking or other recipes.
A granular flour
Pure and Organic
Organic Wheat Bran
  • Wheat bran is naturally sweet.
  • High fibre.
Highly nutritious and tasty
Wheatgerm actually tastes a lot better than it sounds! It is sweet and nutritious. Wheatgerm is actually the most nutritious part of the wheat, but is often removed before processing.

Wheatgerm is high in vitamin E, folic acid, several minerals, essential fatty acids and protein. Sprinkle into muesli for a nutritious taste-boost.

Grains heated and tumbled (just like popcorn) to make great breakfast cereal or muesli bases. Ideal for crispy cakes! There is now a wider variety of puffed cereals available many of which are Gluten Free and contain fibre and minerals. Children might like these mixed up with other cereals too.
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Special Offer: Was: £4.95
100% Wholegrain Cereal!
    Made just from brown rice, no added salt.
  • Low fat breakfast.
100% Wholesome Oats
  • High in fibre & lowers cholesterol.
  • No added sugar, salt or flavourings.
  • A tasty, simple breakfast cereal.
Wholegrain Puffed Spelt Grains
  • A light, healthy cereal.
  • Contains absolutely no additives.
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Whole Puffed Quinoa
A tasty, light cereal base. Eat with milk, fruit, nuts and seeds or add to baking.
Whole Puffed Quinoa
A light cereal or muesli base. Organically grown and traded fairly in Bolivia. Gluten free too!
Puffed spelt drizzled with organic honey.
Gluten-free wholegrain oats drizzled with honey

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