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Bran is highly versatile and healthy. It is high in fibre - both soluble and insoluble and has many uses, particularly in baking, porridge-making and healthy breakfasts.
Oat Bran
Oat Bran
Oat Bran
Wheat Bran
Oat Germ
& Oat Bran
Rice Bran
Bran Sticks
Bran Flakes
Oat Bran
Bran Crispbread
Oat bran is suitable for a variety of uses including baking and porridge-making.
Buy 3 or more for £3.75 each
Special offer! Was: £4.45
A large bag of organic oatbran
100% pure oat bran, for added fibre to the diet. Excellent value organic oat bran, for those who eat oat bran on a regular basis.
Buy 3 or more for £2.84 each
Special offer! Was: £3.49
Excellent value pack - ideal for those who use a lot of oat bran. Suitable for baking, in muesli and for the Dukan Diet.
Buy 3 or more for £2.37 each
Pure Organic Oat Bran
Excellent for porridge, muesli, baking and puddings.

Wheat Bran and Rice Bran

Buy 3 or more for £2.84 each
Big Bag, Little Price!
Organic Wheat Bran
  • Bumper pack. Amazing value!
  • Organic produce.
  • High fibre.
Buy 3 or more for £2.04 each
Organic wheat bran
  • Economy pack.
  • Organic produce.
  • High fibre content.
Buy 3 or more for £1.09 each
Organic Wheat Bran
  • Slightly sweet.
  • High fibre.
Buy 3 or more for £3.09 each
Special Offer: Was: £3.55
75% Organic Wheat Bran, sugar-free Breakfast Cereal
No sugar, no salt and no additives. Just pure wheat bran and wheat.
Buy 3 or more for £7.55 each
Buy 3 or more for £4.28 each
Wheat Bran Flakes lightly sweetened with Malt
No other sweetener or additives, except for a little sea salt.

Other Bran Products


Bran Crispbread

Bran crispbread is high in fibre, and tends to be quite low in calories too.

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