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Crispbread & Savoury Biscuits 

Types of Crispbread

Crispbread, crackers, oat cakes & rice cakes. Choose from a variety of grains including gluten-free and wheat-free. For Raw Food lovers we also include hand made, raw crackers and crispbreads.

Wholegrain & High Fibre

Crisp Breads, Crackers, Bran Biscuits & Savory cakes made from Wheat, Oats, Spelt, Rye and Multigrains.

Rice Cakes & Gluten Free Cracker Breads

Rice cakes are a light and airy type of cracker. They are ideal if you need something to curb the appetite until your next meal. We also sell corn & buckwheat crispbreads. These are a bit heavier than rice cakes and are all suitable for wheat/gluten free diets.

Raw Crackers & Crispbread

Raw food is very healthy, unrefined and unprocessed. They have been formed by pressing and gently heating at low temperatures. This retains the natural minerals and nutrients within the ingredients. Here is our selection of raw crackers and crispbread. These are quite flavoursome and hearty.


Little loaves made using interesting grains.

Crispbread & Cracker Brands

Amisa Crispbread

Amisa make quite a range of crispbreads, from light buckwheat and corn breads to spelt melba toast.

Finn Crisp Crispbread

The Finn Crisp range includes thinner harvest slims, original rye and wheat & poppy-seed bread.

Nairn's Oat Bakes

Nairns have a range of oat-cakes that are ideal for a small snack or biscuit break. For those with a savoury tooth, try the Cheese Oatcakes or the Herb & Pumpkin Oatcakes.

Mrs Crimbles

A delicious range of gluten-free biscuits and crackers.

Home Page  >  Healthy Snacks & Treats  >  Crispbread & Savoury Biscuits


Biona (18)
Mrs Crimble's (18)
Amisa (13)
Inspiral (6)
Rude Health (4)
Glutamel (4)
Finn Crisp (3)
Kallo (3)
Eskal (2)
Raw Health (2)
GG Scandinavian (2)
Nairns (1)
Le Pain des Fleurs (1)


Organic (40)
Gluten-Free (23)
Dairy-Free (36)
Vegan (36)


Gluten Free Crispbread (28)
Breads (19)
Mrs Crimble's (18)
Wholegrain Crispbreads And Crackers (16)
Amisa (13)
Biona Bread (12)
Biscuits & Cakes (11)
Amisa Crispbread (10)
Rye (9)
Gluten-Free Bread (9)
Raw Crackers & Crispbreads (8)
Gluten And Wheat Free Confectionery (8)
Corn Based Snacks (8)
Fruit & Vegetable Crisps (7)
Inspiral Raw Snacks (6)
Kale (6)
Vegetable Crisps (6)
Inspiral Kale Chips (6)
Crisps (6)
Rice Cakes & Rice Crispbread (5)
Savoury Snacks (5)
Coconut Based Food (5)
Flax Seeds (Linseed) (4)
Glutamel (4)
Desserts (4)
Rude Health (4)
Make Your Own Food Hamper (4)
Christmas Dinner (3)
Finn Crisp Crispbread (3)
Corn & Maize (3)
Quinoa Snacks (3)
Cakes (2)
Pumpkin Seeds (2)
Spelt (2)
Eskal (2)
Waffles & Flapjacks (2)
Kids Snack Bars (2)
Cacao Kale Crisps (2)
Baobab (2)
Wasabi Snacks (2)
Kids Lunchbox Snacks (2)
Buckwheat Crispbread (2)
Quinoa (2)
Bran Crispbread (2)
Raw Health (2)
Biona Rice & Rice Cakes (1)
Brazil Nuts (1)
Sprouted Foods (1)
Wheat (1)
Spelt Crackers (1)
Biona Snacks (1)
Gluten-Free Flour (1)
Millet (1)
Buckwheat (1)
Chestnuts (1)
Nairns Oaty Bakes (1)
Cake Mixes (1)
Chocolate & Yoghurt Coated Snacks (1)
Cake, Cookie & Pudding Mixes (1)
Specific Purpose Flour (1)
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