Infinity Foods Grains & Cereals

Wholegrain Pot Barley (with bran)
Hearty, healthy barley grain. High in protein, fibre, B vitamins and minerals. Great to add substance to a soup or stew.
Barley Grains with No Outer Bran
Pearl barley is a popular addition to thick and chunky winter broths and soups. It is high in protein and energy-packed carbohydrates.
Wholegrain rolled barley
Barley flakes are high in protein and fibre. They make a great muesli or porridge.
Whole Buckwheat - Un-roasted
Organically produced bulghur
Bulghur wheat is a tasty, nutritious alternative to rice and cous cous.
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Organic, 100% Wholegrain Wheat
  • Cooks in 5 minutes
  • High in Protein.
Whole Grains of Millet
Ideal for sweet and savoury meals. Can also be ground into flour. Gluten free.

Whole Oat Groats
Makes thick and chunky porridge and can be eaten instead of rice.

Chopped oat grains - Pinhead
Large Rolled Oats
Ideal for making flapjacks, biscuits and thick porridge.
Pure fluffy porridge oats - also for muesli
These 100% pure rolled oats are in the form of fine flakes, suitable for porridge-making and muesli. They can also be used to make biscuits and flap-jacks.
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Whole Puffed Quinoa
A tasty, light cereal base. Eat with milk, fruit, nuts and seeds or add to baking.
Basmati is a long-grain rice that originates primarily from India. This brown basmati rice is flavoursome and cooks in 20 minutes (if you follow our method). It is a luxurious rice with many health benefits.
Dark coloured Carague red rice. Nutty in flavour.
Black rice is high in fibre, anthocyanin antioxidants, minerals and amino acids. It has a sweet, nutty flavour and sticky consistency. Black rice turns a deep purple colour when cooked.
Whole Rye Grains - Organically Grown (UK)
Dark grains that make an excellent addition to stews, can be used instead of rice or can be milled into a flour.
Wholegrain rolled rye flakes
Dark rye flakes have a robust nutty flavour. These are great for muesli, bread recipes and dense crackers.
Whole Spelt Grains
Unique and nutty in flavour.
Wholegrain Flaked Spelt
  • Ideal for muesli, porridge and breads.
  • High in fibre and Iron.
Whole Grain Wheat
Organic whole grains of wheat. Add to soups, stews and with vegetable dishes.
Wholegrain rolled Wheat
Organic wheat flakes for breakfast, baking and crumbles.

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