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These oats are chopped into pieces with a
steel blade, rather than being ground with
a stone. For a coarser cut.

Price: 1.39 (or buy 3 or more for 1.32 each)
Product Code: CER10

Coarse Oatmeal (Pinhead), Organic 500g (Infinity Foods)

Price: 1.39 (or buy 3 or more for 1.32 each)
Product Code: CER10

Steel-Cut Organic Oats

  • Pinhead oats/coarse oatmeal.
  • High in fibre and protein.
  • Coarse oatmeal makes porridge, pastry and other savoury dishes.
  • Processed in the UK.
Coarse oatmeal (also known as Pinhead oats) are basically diced wholegrain oats. They can be used to make a chunky porridge or even used to make vegetarian burgers.

Oats are high in fibre and low in fat. They contain slow release carbohydrates that keep you feeling satisfied and energised for longer.

Why not try....

  Oatmeal: Pinhead/Coarse, Organic 1kg (Sussex Wholefoods)
Even better value!

1kg for 2.49 or buy 3 for 2.37 each.

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Organic Oats (chopped).
Contains gluten.

Nutritional Information

Typical ValuesPer 100g
Energy359 calories

OrganicVegetarian, VeganDairy-free.

Price: 1.39 (or buy 3 or more for 1.32 each)
Product Code: CER10

Home Page  >  Grains, Cereals & Flour  >  Oats & Oat Bran  >  Coarse Oatmeal (Pinhead) 500g, Organic (Infinity Foods)

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