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Amaranth Grain, Organic 500g (Infinity Foods)

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Organic Amaranth Seeds

  • A very small cereal, with many uses.
  • Very mild flavour, used in savoury & sweet meals.
  • Requires some cooking.
  • Organically grown.
  • Amaranth is high in protein and fibre.
Amaranth grain has several uses. It can can be ground into flour, cooked into stir fries, soups & stews. It can be sprouted, toasted or heated until turned into miniature puffs (like tiny popcorn).


Amaranth is often used as an alternative to rice or cous cous. There are many ways to cook amaranth. Typically, one would treat it in a similar way to rice: put the amaranth in a saucepan and just about cover it with water (about 1-2 cm will do). Cover the saucepan with a lid and boil for about 15 minutes, or until the water has been absorbed: then turn off the heat and leave to steam for a further 5 minutes.

You can also sprout these amaranth seeds in a germinator, resulting in cress-like shoots for sandwiches or salads. Amaranth grain can be used in soups: just pour the grain in, rather like you would use barley.

Nutritional Information
Typical ValuesPer 100g
Energy368 calories
_of which sugarsn/a
_of which saturatesTrace
Allergy Info & Warnings

Organic • Vegetarian, Vegan.

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