Dining For Special Occasions

Meal Ideas for Two People or Many Guests

Choosing a particular meal for loved ones and special dinner guests is sometimes daunting. We hope we can help inspire with a range of meals for just these moments.

Mushroom Thyme Risotto

A creamy vegetarian risotto made from porcini mushrooms, arborio rice and freeze-dried thyme.

Spicy Amaranth Burgers with Harissa Sweet Potato Wedges

A healthier styled Veggie Burger & Chips. These spicy burgers are baked not fried and are soya-free! There's plenty of flavour and nutrition in the accompanying wedges. Makes enough for 4-6 guests.

Primal Pizza

Paleo-compatible pizza base made without grains. Here we have topped it with cheese which technically makes it a primal recipe rather than paleo... but most importantly, it is very tasty!

Luxury Nut Roast

Flavoursome nut roast made with brazil nuts, walnuts, cashews, almonds, Gruyère cheese and sun dried tomatoes.

Chestnut Stuffing

Easy peasy chestnut stuffing made with apricots, sage and onion.

Pearled Spelt & Wild Mushroom Risotto

Porcini Mushrooms star alongside Pearled Spelt in this comforting dish.

Thai Green Chickpea Curry with Black Rice

15 minutes to make, with black rice. Hot green curry with authentic flavours!

Raw Food Platter - Recipe

3 vegetarian & vegan friendly recipes • Cheesey Kale Nuggets; Vegetarian Sushi Rolls; Pizza Flax Bread filled with Vegan Cheese • A filling lunch for 4-5 people. • Ideal for picnics and lunchboxes A Christmas recipe: gammon flavoured with honey, mustard, cloves and balsamic vinegar.

Side Dishes:


Jingle Balls

This easy to make dish will serve fantastically as stuffing balls for your Christmas lunch, but can really be made at any time of year, and are just as good served as a main course with spuds and gravy (in which case we call them British Bhajis!)

Tabbouleh Salad Recipe

The classic Lebanese salad made with Bulghur Wheat (use quinoa instead to make it Gluten-Free.)

Black Forest Gateau

Gluten-free stunning black forest gateau. Makes a wonderful dessert for festive occasions.

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