Pale yellow, slightly sweet flour.
Pale yellow, slightly sweet flour.
Millet Flour 500g, Gluten-free (Bob's Red Mill)
Price: 4.50
Product Code: FLRM3

Millet Flour 500g, Gluten-free (Bob's Red Mill)

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Stone ground, wholegrain Millet Flour

Millet is naturally slightly sweet and this flour will lend a fine crumb to your baking. The millet seed is naturally gluten-free and is ideal for those on a restricted diet. In addition to this, Bob's Red Mill ensure that their millet is grown, milled and packaged in a gluten-free environment.

Millet flour can be mixed with other gluten-free flour such as tapioca flour to create a more sticky mix. If you are using millet flour on its own then we recommend the use of egg and/or Xanthan Gum to help bind the mix together. This is particularly important when you are trying to make biscuits.

Two recipes are included on the back of the packet.

  • Stone ground
  • Naturally sweet flavour
  • Gluten-free
  • Easily digested
  • Creates a fine texture for baking
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100% Whole Grain Millet Flour

Nutritional Information

Typical ValuesPer 30g
_of which sugars0g
_of which saturates0g

Guaranteed gluten-freeVegetarian, Vegan.

Price: 4.50
Product Code: FLRM3

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