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Bobs Red Mill

Bob's Red Mill is a range or gluten free flours and cereals suitable for coeliacs. Not only are the ingredients naturally free from gluten but the Bob's Redmill factory process the grains in strict gluten free conditions and sources from farms dedicated to growing gluten free crops only.

This selection of Bob's Red Mill products are made from pure and wholegrain cereal ingredients.

NB: For UK and European customers - The expiry dates on Bob's Red Mill packets are written in American order. ie, Month/Day/Year. (for example, 11/02/11 actually means 2nd November 2011).


Bob's Flours

Gluten Free Chickpea Flour
Chickpea (or Garbanzo Bean) Flour can be added to baked goods as well as soups and sauces. It has a creamy, beany flavour and is ideal for savoury cooking.
Teff is a grass and the tiny seeds are ground into flour. A high protein, high fibre flour suitable for gluten-free cooking.
Stone ground, wholegrain Millet Flour - gluten-free tested.
Fine Milled Wholegrain Oat Flour
Naturally sweet and nutty in flavour - This flour contains no other ingredients...just 100% gluten free oats!
Wholegrain, sweet sorghum flour. This flour is excellent for making gluten free bread, cakes and biscuits.
Special Blend for All Baking This flour has been specially mixed for gluten free recipes, including cakes, muffins, bread, waffles, pancakes, bicuits and cookies.

Bob's Oats and Wholegrains

Gluten Free Oat Bran
Makes a smooth, healthy porridge and adds fibre to your baking recipes.
Steel Cut Whole Oats
Oats grown and processed on oat-only farms.
Large Gluten-Free Rolled Oats
Oats grown and processed on oat-only farms.
For a quick hot gluten-free porridge.

Bob's - Other products

Vital wheat gluten is 75%-80% wheat protein
Used as a bread improver. Mix with your normal wheat or gluten containing flours. Please note: this product contains gluten!

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