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RRP was: £4.76
Price: £4.75
Product Code: VIN09

Mikawa Mirin, Organic 150ml (Clearspring)

£4.75    Product Code: VIN09
RRP was: £4.76
Mirin is a Japanese condiment made from rice wine. This Mikawa Mirin from Clearspring is fermented with koji - the traditional culture used to ferment rice - and aged for nine months.

Directions and Uses

Mikawa Mirin is a sweet rice wine, and is often mixed with soy sauce to form a dipping sauce for tempura. It is also, of course, added to stir-fries for extra flavour, in the same manner to how one would add white wine to a dish. This mirin is very versatile, and ideal with fish, meats or vegetables.

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Sweet rice (52%), water, cultured rice (23%). For more information on our ingredients policy please see here

Vegetarian, Vegan.

RRP was: £4.76

Price: £4.75
Product Code: VIN09

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