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Single Seeds, Pulses & Grains for Sprouting

Many seeds, beans and pulses are suitable for sprouting. Some will have a mild flavour and others will have a peppery kick. Try mixing a your favourite seed or bean/lentil with another and experiment with the flavour combination according to your taste.

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Buy 3 or more for £1.76 each
Easy, big cropping & nutty flavour
Buy 3 or more for £6.64 each
A very large bag of organic alfalfa seeds.
Buy 3 or more for £2.84 each
Buy 3 or more for £1.80 each
Buy 3 or more for £1.89 each
Buy 3 or more for £1.80 each


The following beans are particularly easy to sprout. When sprouted their flavours are fresh, mildly nutty and not overpowering. They look pretty in salads and sandwiches as well as offering a nice crunch.
Buy 3 or more for £1.99 each
Buy 3 or more for £1.23 each
Buy 3 or more for £4.74 each
A Large Bag of Organic Mung Beans
Mung beans have a mild nutty flavour when cooked and can be sprouted into bean sprouts!

Lentils & Peas

Only whole lentils can be sprouted. They begin to germinate in around 3 days and should be ready to eat after 4 or 5 days.
Buy 3 or more for £2.71 each
Buy 3 or more for £4.28 each
Sprout sweet little snow peas with this large bag. The shoots are tasty in stir fries and in salads.


Buy 3 or more for £1.42 each
Wheat Sprouts & Wheat Grass
Organic whole grains of wheat. Cook in soups, stews and vegetable dishes. Sprout for a sweet, wheaty, nutritional snack or grow into wheat grass.

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Buy 3 or more for £5.50 each
Beginners size and for smaller appetites

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