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Hemp 40% Protein Flour 500g (British Hemp Co)

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Hemp Flour

Our Hemp Flour contains over 40% protein and is produced by milling hemp seed cake, which is produced after crushing our hemp seeds in the production of our cold pressed oil. The flour is Gluten-free and imparts the mild nutty flavour of Hemp into your baking and can be used for breads, muffins or any other baked product. All of our products are manufactured using UK grown hemp seeds in our award winning factory in Warminster.

Our flour has a slightly courser texture than our hemp protein powder.

PROTEINS: Hemp Flour is considered a complete source of protein as it contains all 20 amino acids along with very high levels of edestin and albumin. The purpose of amino acids in the body is to break down food, develop muscle and repair damage.

MINERAL AND VITAMINS: Hemp Flour also contain plenty of nutrients, like vitamin E and a bevy of minerals, such as phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, calcium and iron. All of these contribute to supporting immunity at a cellular level and creating antibodies to fight free radicals and bacteria.

ALLERGENS ETC: As all our products, hemp flour is UK grown, GMO free, suitable for vegans and free of all allergens.


With a slightly coarser texture than our hemp protein powder, the hemp flour can be added to oatmeal, porridge, protein balls, pancake or bread batters, cakes, granola bars, flapjacks, flatbreads, breads, pastas or just included in any meal to boost protein content. Our flour can also be consumed in smoothies and shakes. One of the most remarkable benefits of hemp flour comes from its fibre content. At over 60% soluble fibre, it's near the threshold of what can be officially dubbed a 'prebiotic.' Soluble fibre turns into a nourishing gel in the gut that promotes a healthy microbiome, as this special gel acts as food for good bacteria.

How much to use: Use it as much as you want to contribute to your daily protein intake. A 20g serving of our hemp flour provides 8g of protein. The Reference Nutrient Intake (RNI) for protein for adults is 0.75g protein per kg body weight per day.

Hemp flour.
Nutritional Information
Typical Valuesper 100g
of which saturates0.73g
of which sugars2.5g
Allergy Info & Warnings

Guaranteed gluten-free • Vegetarian, Vegan • Fairtrade.

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