Savoury Recipes


One Pot Dishes

Easy peasy hearty grub! These are easy to cook, all-in-one dishes, including Paella, Ravioli, Pies, Stew and Risotto.

Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes

Most of our recipes are either vegan or vegetarian. But here are some of our favourites. Easy-to-learn recipes. Some which mimic traditional meat dishes, others just celebrate the joy of vegetables!


There is nothing more comforting then settling down to a warming, soothing soup. There are more exciting combinations out there than just tomato or mixed vegetable.

Light Bites & Finger Food

Thai fish cakes, falafel and basic barbecue side dishes, these will all make tasty snacks or become the basis of a wholesome meal.

Salad Recipes

There are lots of interesting ways to create tasty, nutritional and filling salads - it's not all just lettuce and tomato! You can add rice, fruit, nuts, seasonings and sauces for fanctasic textures and flavours.

Special Dishes (for 2 or more people)

Meal Ideas for Many Guests & Special Occasions
Choosing a particular meal for loved ones and special dinner guests is sometimes daunting. We hope we can help inspire with a range of meals for just these moments.

Spice & Herb Mixes

Create Homemade Seasonings, Marinades & Rubs
If you want Smokey BBQ or hot Cajun spice, have a look at our tasty concoctions.

Dips, Chutney, Marinades & Sauce Recipes

Dips including houmous and guacamole. Pesto sauce and Satay Sauce and tangy chutneys.

Breads & Roll Recipes

Flat breads, chipatis, cornbread and oaty rolls; We like trying out all sorts of bread recipes with our various flours.

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