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Goat Kefir 500ml (Nourish Kefir)

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Nourish Goats Milk Kefir

Fermented with fresh goats milk and real kefir grains! Nourish Goats Milk Kefir - have you tried it yet?

We have nurtured specially selected kefir grains that are lively and happily one to ferment in our fresh goats milk. After a year of trials we perfected our recipe for a super tasty and refreshing goats milk kefir. It's rather moreish once you try it - and we hope you will love it!

Because we use real kefir grains you will get all the goodness of the gut friendly bacteria and enzymes, including a bacteria called kefiran - that you only get from kefir grains that you only find in kefir made from real kefir grains! Gut friendly bacteria that have been demonstrated to colonise in the intestines and assist digestion.

Nourish Goats Milk Kefir is a perfect alternative to cow's milk. Scientific studies have demonstrated that the fat molecules in goats milk are smaller, which makes them easier to digest.

Allergy Info & Warnings

Guaranteed gluten-free • Vegetarian.

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