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Kefir Starter Cultures 18g (Nourish Kefir)

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Kefir Starter Cultures

  • Easy to use cultures enabling you to make kefir at home.
  • One sachet makes one litre of delicious kefir.
  • Can be used with your choice of milk or milk alternative.
  • No need to use any special equipment.
  • Contains 6 x 3g sachets


Mix the cultures into warm milk and leave at room temperature for around 24 hours. When the milk is set, your kefir is ready. Transfer to the fridge and let it cool over 6-8 hours.

Store your kefir in a fridge at 4C, consume within 4 days.

Keep packets in the fridge to prolong shelf life.

Skimmed milk powder, Ascorbic Acid, Active kefir lactic bacteria and yeasts.
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