Concentrates & Pastes for Cooking

Pastes are a brilliant way to enjoy fresh tasting herbs and spices without having to chop, dice and grate anything in preparation for a meal. This is perfect if you need to make dinner quickly.

The pastes and concentrates we have selected contain no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. We have also been careful in selecting cooking pastes that contain the lowest levels off salt and sugar (if they contain any at all). All ingredients are written out in full.


Curry Paste

Thai and Indian Curry Pastes
Curry pastes are one of the easiest ways to create quick and tasty curries. Simply combine with a liquid such as stock, coconut milk or tinned tomatoes to make the sauce and add your choice of meat/vegetables. Curry paste also makes a great marinade or sauce for basting.

Coconut Cream & Milk

Coconut makes a creamy, sweet base to many Asian dishes. It is also great for frying as it has a high smoke point and is suitable for baking and dessert recipes.

Ginger Paste

Strong flavoured & tangy
Ginger paste is a very easy way of using and storing ginger. It can be added to any meal and it retains its strong ginger flavour within the jar. No need to scrape, peel and scrub just add a spoon or two to your savoury dishes.

Garlic Paste

Quick & convenient blitzed garlic
Healthy Supplies offer you both Garlic paste and Garlic & Ginger paste. These handy jars are a great item for your fridge. Made with fresh garlic, the paste can be added quickly to meals without the fiddly peeling, chopping or grating.

Galangal (Minced)

Ready-to-use, finely minced Galangal Root. Just add to your pan.


Tamarind concentrates & pastes
Tamarind adds a sharp, sour and lemony taste to curries and pickles. It is used mostly in Asian cuisine and is perfect infusing flavours in a strong vindaloo.


Soya pastes
Most people associate the term "Miso" with Miso Soup, but miso is used in Japan as a seasoning for a variety of purposes. Miso is typically made by fermenting various quantities of rice and soy, or rice and barley.

Yeast Extract

Spread it, cook with it, drink it
Yeast Extract has a thick, smooth texture and a rich, distinctive flavour. We sell yeast extract that unlike Vegemite, contains no added salt and is free from preservatives. Ideal for making stocks, gravies, beverages or just spread on toast.


Creamed Sesame Seeds
Tahini is a smooth paste made entirely from sesame. It is an essential ingredient for making hummus. It can also be enjoyed as a savoury spread on toast or crackers.

Tomato Puree & Concentrates

Smooth, tomato pastes & puree's

Umeboshi Plums & Puree

Salt pickled plums
Umeboshi plums are a tart, tangy salt pickled plum. The plum paste can be added to salad dressings, dips and sushi fillings. We also sell the whole plums, the seasoning and the vinegar.


The hot Japanese condiment
Wasabi concentrates which have a heat like horse radish. This is a popular accompaniment to Japanese cuisine, particularly sushi and sushimi. To make the vibrant green wasabi paste, simply add a drop of water and mix until smooth.


Mustard Seeds, Powders and Pastes
Including brown mustard seeds, spice mixes and pure mustard powder.

Stock & Sauces

Including soy sauce, thickeners and bouillon.

Pickles & Pickled Ingredients

Preserved food items
  • Foods pickled in vinegar, brine or salt.
  • Use as condiments or cooking ingredients.

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