Cooking With Coconut

Coconut is often added to Thai and Indian dishes to add a creamy sweetness and to lift the flavours of the herbs and spices. It can also be baked with in butter form, flour form and ground form to add that distinct coconut flavour to cakes, biscuits and desserts.

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Coconut Oil (Butter)

For frying, baking & spreading

Coconut oil is a fantastic, flavoursome cooking ingredient. Our oils are pure and cold pressed, making them beneficial to your health when eaten as it is. Coconut oil can be spread, fried and baked with.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milks for cooking

Coconut milk is a popular addition to many curries, giving a thick, creamy and sweet flavour to mild and spicy dishes. Rice, grains and puddings can also be flavoured with coconut milk. A drinkable milk alternative is also available.

Creamed Coconut, Organic 200g (Biona)

Creamed coconut is a convenient and diverse way to add coconut to meals and baking (sweet and savoury). A coconut block can be greated, chopped, sliced, melted and dissolved in water to make a coconut milk.

Desiccated Coconut

Dried coconut flakes.

Dessicated coconut is dried coconut powder. Being less moist, it is suitable for sprinkling onto cakes as a form of decoration, and that type of thing. Pure coconut.

Coconut Powder

Pure powdered coconut in many sizes.

Coconut powder for a range of cooking styles including Thai, curry and baking cakes.

Coconut Flour

Fine Flour, Low GI and Gluten Free

Coconut flour is 100% pure, healthy and gluten free. It is is suitable for bread, cake, biscuit baking with a high fibre count and a natural self raising tendency.

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