Curry Paste

Curry pastes with all-natural ingredients! • No artificial colours or preservatives.
Red Chillies & Yellow Pepper Paste
No added sugar or artificial flavours.
Thai style Hot Chilli Paste
No added sugar or artificial flavours.
Medium Hot Paste with Coriander & Lemon Grass
No added sugar or artificial flavours.

Indian Curry Paste

RRP was: £3.25

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Curry Powder

Favourite mixes for fantastic curries. This includes: Balti, Tandoori Masala & Vindaloo.

Ready-Mixed Spice Blends

The alternative to sauces out of jars
Dry ingredients can be made into pastes, sauces and marinades when mixed with liquids such as oil, vinegar and stock. You can sprinkle these into your meals to completely transform the flavour.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a popular addition to many curries, giving a thick, creamy sauce and sweet flavour to mild and spicy dishes and curries. Also commonly used in curries: Creamed Coconut.


Chicken, beef and vegetable stocks are a great, flavousome base for curry making.

Geo Organics Curry Pastes

The whole Geo-Organics range • Authentic-tasting curry pastes • Indian and Thai.

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Organic (50)
Gluten-Free (27)
Dairy-Free (48)
Vegan (66)

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