Cakes, Desserts & Confectionery


Chocolate & Confectionery

Make your own healthier chocolates. It's easy, fun and once you have the hang of it, you can coat just about anything in the stuff because it tastes amazing!

Ice Cream & Frozen Recipes

Creamy, fruity and chocolatey ice cream creations! Most of our recipes (if not all) are dairy free.

Trifles, Sundaes & Cold Puds

Classic, retro desserts right here - involving layerings of sponge, custard, fruit, biscuit (made in the Healthy Supplies way of course).

Tarts & Pastries

Fruit tarts and puff pastry puddings are a lighter way to enjoy a sweet treat.

Cupcakes & Sweet Snacks

Biscuits, florentines, pinwheels, crispy cakes, marzipan, chocolates - Sweet things for a buffet style gathering.

Large Cakes

Birthday cakes, fudge cakes, fruit cakes - you just can't go wrong with a good cake!

Hot Puddings

What could be better than a hot, comforting pudding to cheer up a dull day. Always yummiest with ice-cream or custard.

Jelly Ideas

Jellies made using real fruit, juices and milk. These recipes are fun and easy to make. Plus, they contain no gelatine, so they are suitable for vegetarians.


Gluten-free, Dairy-free; Crepes & Scotch Style; Sweet & Savoury

Sweet Spice Mixes

Make-Your-Own sweet seasonings
Simple recipes to make at home for all seasons.

Ten Ways To Use Cacao Powder

How to use cacao powder!

How To Use Yacon

Yacon is an ancient ingredient that has been re-discovered. It is used as a natural sweetener.

Ten Ways To Use Vanilla Powder

Inspiration on how to use our amazing vanilla powder!

Raw Desserts

Amazing puddings that require no cooking!

Five Ways To Use Coconut Sugar

Five delicious ways to use coconut sugar!

Dairy Free Puddings

Ten dairy-free recipes including cheesecake, ice-cream and key lime pie.

How to Use Baking Aids

We give you the low down on how to use baking aids.

Raw Chocolate Inspiration

An array of delicious raw chocolate recipes to inspire the budding chocolatier in you!

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