Sweet Spice Mixes - Recipes

Make your own spice blends for cakes, biscuits and puddings!

Christmas Stollen Spice Mix

Festive baking blend

With the aroma of German gingerbread, this 7-spice mix sums up the flavours of Christmas and Winter. Add to breakfast smoothies, pancakes and of course your Christmas baking!

Pumpkin Pie Spice

A warming Autumn-Winter Blend

This mix uses 5 classic sweet spices to produce a comforting flavour and aroma that sums up the colder seasons.

Mixed Spice

Classic British Spice for Sweets & Desserts

A must-have cupboard essential for cakes, bakes and crumbles. Try stirring through porridge or yoghurt for a more interesting start to the day.

Quatre épices

Middle Eastern Seasoning

Jazz up some plain butter biscuits with this mix. The unusual ingredient in this blend is white pepper - but it works!

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