Oriental Sauces


Thai Fish Sauce (Nam Pla)

Authentic, simple Thai Fish Sauce
Fish sauce can be used in many Oriental dishes. Add whilst cooking or use as a dip.

Kelpamare Swiss Seasoning

A distinctive sauce made from Kelp & Soya sauce
  • Enhances the flavour of meats, stews, gravies. Can also be used in salad dressings, vegetable juices & on omelettes.
  • Free from glutamate, fat & cholesterol.
A rich, dark seasoning made with Shiitake Mushroom and Soy Sauce. Ideal for making soups, dressings and dips.
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Teriyaki sauce is a traditional Japanese marinade and seasoning. It is used to flavour chicken, salmon and beef, as well as a range of vegetable dishes. It is similar to a light soy sauce, with added mirin (rice vinegar), a little sweetness and a hint of heat.
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Soy Sauce

  • Range of soy sauces.
  • Shoyu, tamari & more.
  • Low salt & gluten-free options.


Wasabi is familiar to us as the green paste that you get in sushi restaurants. We supply wasabi in powdered form, ready to mix into a paste.

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