Ground Almonds, Organic 250g (Infinity Foods)

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Soft, Moist Ground Almonds

  • Tasty sweet ground almonds.
  • Use in sweet recipes, baking, thickening sauces and to flavour milk and custard.
Ground almonds are simply made from blanched (skinned) almonds that are ground down to a fine yet cakey consistency. Ground almonds are a key ingredient to the infamous British cake, the Bakewell Tart.


Ground almonds are typically used in cake mixes. Add a cupful of ground almonds to a sponge cake mix for a lovely delicate flavour. You can also use ground almonds to flavour sweet desserts and sauces. Add according to taste.

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Organically grown almonds (almond flour). Grown and processed in Spain. For more information on our ingredients policy please see here

OrganicVegetarian, Vegan.

Price: 6.95
Product Code: ALM10

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