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Special Offer: Was: £7.99
Price: £6.99 (or buy 3 or more for £6.64 each)
Product Code: 7DV51
Last Batch Produced on Thu 18 Apr 2019 14:39. Best before End Feb 2020. Produce of Poland. Packed in the UK.

Freeze-Dried Elderberries 100g (Sussex Wholefoods)

Price: £6.99 (or buy 3 or more for £6.64 each)
Product Code: 7DV51
Special Offer: Was: £7.99

Freeze-Dried Elderberries

  • Pure freeze-dried whole elderberries.
  • Great for making fruit compotes and syrups.
  • Packed with antioxidants.
  • Vegan.
  • 100% Natural.

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Freeze dried elderberries 100%.

Nutritional Information

Typical ValuesPer 100g
_of which sugars<0.5g
_of which saturates<0.1g

Special Offer: Was: £7.99

Price: £6.99 (or buy 3 or more for £6.64 each)
Product Code: 7DV51

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