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Organic Food Grade Star Anise 10ml (NHR Organic Oils)

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Star Anise Essential Oil for culinary use

With a distinctive spicy-sweet, liquorice type aroma Star Anise [Illicium verum] essential oil can be used to flavour drinks, icing, sweets and baked items. The anise flavour is highly concentrated so only one or two drops are required in cooking. For best results add to wet ingredients such as water (in the case of jelly), butter/oil, egg or milk in order to disperse the oil evenly.

  • 100% Natural Flavouring for food
  • Also suitable for aromatherapy & massage.
  • Highly concentrated.
  • 10ml oil in clear glass bottle.

Please note: Some labels on the essential oils state " For External Use Only”. This is a standard UK aromatherapy legal requirement. It can be ignored if oils are used for cooking as they are food grade certified.

Allergy Info & Warnings

Avoid during pregnancy.

Organic • Vegetarian, Vegan.

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