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Basil Oil 10ml (Absolute Aromas)

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  • Useful when you are tired and lacking in concentration.
  • Create an atmosphere for work and study: Try 1 drop of Basil Oil with 3 drops of Lemon Oil to a little water in an oil burner.
  • Top note perfume: fast-acting, the aroma is sensed immediately.
  • 10ml brown glass bottle.
  • Screw top, with dropper lid. Basil (Ocimum basilicum) essential oil has a camphorous odour, which stimulates and helps to focus the mind. The oil is obtained from the leaves and flowers of this herb more commonly known as 'Sweet Basil'. This is the Linalol type, which the safest of the Basil oils.

      Please note that this is an aroma - not for consumption.

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