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Price: £6.95
Product Code: 3NG06

Java Citronella Oil 10ml (incognito)

£6.95    Product Code: 3NG06
RRP was: £7.99

100% Pure Java Citronella Oil

  • Certified organic & sustainably produced.
  • Grown only on the island of Java -rare & elusive.
  • Unique qualities not found in common citronella.
  • Ideal for oil burners.
  • Vegan Society approved.
  • 10ml glass bottle with dropper top.
This particular type of Citronella acts as a highly effective insect repellent. You can add natural, DEET-free repellent properties to clothes and bedding by adding a few drops to your clothes wash.

Citronella oil has minimal or no risk to wildlife and environment due to its toxic levels being low and its use being limited. Therefore, it can be used around the home with no expected adverse effects.


If using topically, always dilute with a suitable carrier oil. Always carry out a patch test when diluting and dilute further if any irritation occurs. Stop using if irritation occurs.
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Pure Organic Java Citronella Oil [Cymbopogon winterianus ]. For more information on our ingredients policy please see here

RRP was: £7.99

Price: £6.95
Product Code: 3NG06

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