Aloe Vera Juice Max Strength 500ml (Optima)
Price: 6.99
Product Code: 3AP02

Aloe Vera Juice Max Strength 500ml (Optima)

RRP was: 7.89
6.99    Product Code: 3AP02

Maximum Strength 100% stabilized juice

A unique blend of Aloe vera unfiltered virgin inner gel fillet and filtered whole leaf, formulated with the minimum of processing to allow the plants natural components to remain unaltered and provide high levels of natural activity, as is expected in a quality Aloe Vera Juice.

  • Special Aloe Vera blend.
  • Aloe barbadensis filtered whole leaf.
  • Aloe barbadensis unfiltered inner fillet gel.
  • Minimum processing.
  • High levels of natural activity.
  • 500ml plastic screw top bottle


Shake well before use. Take 25ml once daily, direct or mixed with water or fruit juice. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Refrigerate after opening and use within two months. Keep out of reach of children. See below left for best before date.
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Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) Juice (99.9%), Antioxidant (Ascorbic Acid), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate).

Advisory Information: Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.Consult a healthcare professional before using whilst pregnant or breastfeeding. Not suitable for infants. For more information on our ingredients policy please see here

Vegetarian, Vegan.

Price: 6.99
Product Code: 3AP02

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