Aloe Vera Juice Max Strength 1ltr 1000ml (Aloe Pura)
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Aloe Vera Juice Max Strength 1ltr 1000ml (Aloe Pura)

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Maximum Strength 100% stabilized juice

  • Special Aloe Vera blend.
  • Aloe barbadensis filtered whole leaf.
  • Aloe barbadensis unfiltered inner fillet gel.
  • Minimum processing.
  • High levels of natural activity.
  • 1000ml plastic screw top bottle
Aloe Pura Maximum Strength 100% stabilized juice is a blend of independently certified liquids. They have been produced with the minimum of processing to allow the plantís natural components to remain unaltered.


Take 25ml daily, neat, or mixed with water or fruit juice (can be taken twice daily if required).
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Aloe Vera Juice, Antioxidant, Ascorbic acid, Preservatives: Potassium Sorbate

Advisory Information: Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.Consult a healthcare professional before using whilst pregnant or breastfeeding. Not suitable for infants. For more information on our ingredients policy please see here

Vegetarian, Vegan.

Price: £11.95
Product Code: 3AP03

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