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Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic, with the mother 500ml (Raw Health)

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Unfiltered Organic Cider Vinegar

  • Raw, organic and unpasteurised.
  • An enzyme-rich vinegar.
  • Not heated above 36°c.
  • Use in dressings and drizzles.
This unpasteurised Cider Vinegar contains "the mother" which is the natural bacteria produced by the apple cider or 'must'. This gives the liquid a distinctive cloudy amber colour. All the beneficial bacteria are retained in this raw product, which is why some like to use this product as a 'tonic'.

This apple vinegar can be used to make flavoursome marinades and chutneys as well as the obvious oil and vinegar salad dressing.

Apple Vinegar* (Unpasteurised) * =certified organic ingredients.
Allergy Info & Warnings

Organic • Vegetarian, Vegan.

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