Sumac has a lemony flavour<br> and is commonly used in the Middle East.
Sumac has a lemony flavour
and is commonly used in the Middle East.

Sumac (Sumaq) 50g (Hampshire Foods)

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Pure Sumac Spice

  • Subtle lemony flavour.
  • Diverse seasoning: many uses.
  • No added salt.
  • 50g packet.
Sumac has an interesting subtle flavour. It has a slight lemon taste, similar to tamarind but more herb-like. It is a traditional Middle-Eastern flavouring and is used for flavouring meats and roast vegetables.

Sumac is made by crushing and drying the berries of the sumac plant. This sumac is 100% pure, with no added salt or anything else.

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7 Uses for Sumac

  1. Rub sumac into meats before frying or barbecueing. Sumac is commonly used in the Middle East to flavour lamb, but it can also be sprinkled over a chicken before roasting.
  2. Use sumac in meat marinades. A simple marinade of sumac, vinegar and herbs can add an instant Middle-Eastern flavour to a meat dish.
  3. Use sumac to flavour houmous, barbecue sauces and other dips and spreads.
  4. Liven up roast potatoes or roast vegetables with sumac. Mix the sumac with a little olive oil and drizzle over the potatoes/vegetables before roasting.
  5. Sumac is often used as one of the ingredients in zahtar, a Middle-Eastern herb mix. A typical zahtar mix will contain sumac, thyme, basil, oregano and sesame seeds, lightly crushed together.
  6. Sprinkle sumac into rice before cooking for a light, zesty flavour.
  7. Use sumac as a kebab flavouring: it can simply be mixed in with the mince before it is loaded onto the skewer. It can also be used in burger mixes in the same way.


Pure sumac. Produce of many countries. For more information on our ingredients policy please see here

Vegetarian, Vegan.

Price: 1.75
Product Code: ZSUM1

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