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Clipper Teas

Green tea leaves, natural Citrus & Echinacea root
  • Good antioxidant qualities.
  • Supports the body's defences.
Lemon Grass, Ginger root, Liquorice root & Lemon zest
  • A perfect refreshing "pick-me-up".
  • Helps to relieve indigestion.
Organically grown Nettle & Peppermint Leaf
  • Refreshing and revitalising.
  • Acts on nausea, bloating and benefits the urinary system.
Pure organic dandelion infusion
  • Light yet distinctive in flavour.
  • Helps to detox and maintain liver health.

Pure Rooibos Tea
Organically grown redbush tea bags with no other added ingredients or additives. Makes a light alternative to everyday tea and can be enjoyed with or without milk. High in antioxidants and free from caffeine.

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Clipper (18)


Organic (14)
Dairy-Free (12)
Vegan (12)

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