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A cupboard essential for breakfast and sweetening!

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Clear English Honey 340g (Littleover Apiary)

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Pure Premium Clear English Honey

  • Golden coloured runny honey.
  • Made by English honey bees.
  • Cold extracted, cold extruded and unblended.

This English honey is a pure product that is untreated and extracted using gravity filtration. This means that you can enjoy pure honey in its most natural state and retains its natural proteins and enzyme content.

This honey is sweet and has a rich flavour. It can be used in cooking, to sweeten drinks or just simply spread over fresh warm bread - nothing beats it!

Note: Crystallisation may occur. This is perfectly normal because this is a pure product. If this happens the honey is still just as tasty and fine to eat. If you want to return the clarity of the honey, gently warm the jar in a pan of warm water.

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100% pure honey (Collected from bees in the east counties of the UK).

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Wheat-freeDoes not naturally contain glutenVegetarianDairy-free.

This product is temporarily out of stock.

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