Set English Honey 340g (Littleover Apiary)
Price: 6.25
Product Code: HON11

Set English Honey 340g (Littleover Apiary)

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Pure Premium Set English Honey

  • Light, smooth, creamy coloured honey.
  • Made by English honey bees.
  • Cold extracted, cold extruded and unblended.

This English honey is a pure product that is untreated and extracted using gravity filtration. This means that you can enjoy pure honey in its most natural state and retains its natural proteins and enzyme content.

This honey is sweet and has a hints of chestnut and lime blossom. It is ideal for spreading onto fresh warm bread but can also be used in cooking or as a marinade.

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100% pure honey (Collected from the heart of UK countryside). For more information on our ingredients policy please see here


Price: 6.25
Product Code: HON11

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