Zap-Ease Bite Relief 22g (incognito)

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6.95    Product Code: 3NG0C

Natural Bite & Sting Relief

  • Bite relief from insect bites, jelly fish, and nettle stings.
  • Reduces bite swelling & inflammation.
  • Takes away the urge to itch & scratch mosquito bites.
  • Treats around a 1000 bites.
  • Pocket-size and easy-to-use.
  • No battery required.
  • Vegan Society approved.
  • x1 trigger device with carry cord.
This simple drug-free device delivers tiny pulses onto the skin which assists in inhibiting the histamine release which causes the itch-scratch cycle.

For example, the toxicity of the mosquito bite becomes neutralised, with no harmful effect on the surrounding skin, thus stopping the customary inflammation and unsightly swelling.


When bitten or stung, use the trigger action of the Zap-Ease, by clicking several times around the area of the bite/sting. This will have the effect of localising the poison and inhibiting the histamine release which causes the itch and the urge to scratch.

Please note: Zap-Ease is not suitable for those fitted with a pacemaker or children under 2 years.


Price: 6.95
Product Code: 3NG0C

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