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Citronella Deodorant 60g (incognito)

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Deodorant with Bite-prevention

  • 100% natural - DEET free.
  • No aluminium chlorohydrate.
  • Fresh citrus fragrance.
  • Non sticky.
  • Family-friendly.
  • Vegan Society approved.
  • 1x 60g roll-on deodorant with lid.
This incognito deodorant is made from alum crystal which has been infused with Citronella essential oil.

When travelling in mosquito-ridden areas, heavy perfumes and highly fragranced deodorants should be avoided. Try swapping to this natural deodorant which is healthy for your skin and will assist in the prevention of bites from insects.

Suitable for all the family, including babies from 3+ months old.


Moisten before use. Apply to the under-arm area and other skin folds, which may sweat and cause insect-attracting bacteria to develop!
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