Vegetarian for Students by Joy May (NOSH)
Price: £8.99
Product Code: NOSH6

Vegetarian for Students by Joy May (NOSH)

RRP was: £9.99
£8.99    Product Code: NOSH6

A Fun Student Cookbook - Vegetarian Society Approved.

This is the 3rd edition of “Vegetarian NOSH for Students”, written as a sequel to “NOSH for Students”, which was originally inspired by the author’s son, Ben, who left for university but was clueless in the kitchen. Joy has helped over a quarter of a million students get cooking with her straightforward and simple approach.
  • Down-to-earth ingredients.
  • Pricing with EVERY recipe.
  • Easy-to-follow, hassle-free approach to cooking.
  • Photos with every recipe.
  • No measuring equipment required.
  • Sample menus and shopping lists.
  • Cover type: paperback.

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