Gluten-Free Baking by Joy May (NOSH)
Price: £8.99
Product Code: NOSH3

Gluten-Free Baking by Joy May (NOSH)

£8.99    Product Code: NOSH3

A no-fuss gluten-free cookbook from the NOSH family.

After the success of NOSH Gluten-Free, Joy now tackles the ever-so-tricky topic of gluten-free baking. Joy and the family have tirelessly experimented to produce this perfect introduction to gluten-free baking. Written by someone who knows the pain of being gluten intolerant. No need for stacks of exotic GF ingredients. Joy has battled through the failures so you don't have to! Say hello to food you never thought you would see again.
  • No-fuss GF Baking.
  • Down-to-earth GF ingredients.
  • Photos with every recipe.
  • Sweet and savoury baking.
  • Recreating classics.
  • Perfect pastries.
  • Bread that actually tastes good!
  • Cover type: paperback.

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Price: £8.99
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