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Teff Grain 680g, Gluten Free (Bob's Red Mill)

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100% Teff Grain. Gluten-Free

  • Whole grains of the Teff Plant.
  • Ancient grain popular in Ethiopia.
  • Rich in Iron, Calcium & Magnesium.
  • Good source of Vitamin B6 and Zinc.
The Teff grain is the smallest grain in the world and comes from Teff grass, which is native to Ethiopia and North East Africa. The grain looks similar to millet, but is smaller and brown.

Teff grain contains good levels of iron and fibre making it a useful addition to the diet. It is naturally gluten-free and Bob's Red Mill take measures to prevent cross-contamination from gluten containing grain from the fields where the grass is grown to processing and packing the grain in their gluten-free facility.

Teff grains are usually lightly toasted in a pan before boiling into a porridge-like consistency. The grain is often ground down into Teff Flour.

Nutritional Information
Typical ValuesPer 100g
_of which sugars2g
_of which saturates0g
Allergy Info & Warnings

Guaranteed gluten-free • Vegetarian, Vegan.

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