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A nutritious alternative to risotto rice with a similar texture.

Price: £2.99
Product Code: CER96

Pearled Spelt Grain, Organic 500g (Sharpham Park)

Price: £2.99
Product Code: CER96

British Organic Pearled Spelt

  • A nutty flavoured cereal grain.
  • Eat whole as an excellent rice alternative.
  • Also suitable in stews and soups.
  • High in protein, low in fat, easy to digest.
We made a Spelt & Wild Mushroom Risotto using this particular pearled spelt.

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Recipe Suggestion: Pearled spelt risotto, using spelt as an alternative to rice.


100% Pearled Spelt (nothing added). Organically grown British Produce.For more information on our ingredients policy please see here

Nutritional Information

Typical ValuesPer 100g
Energy314 calories
_of which sugars1.4g
_of which saturates0.5g

OrganicVegetarian, Vegan.

Price: £2.99
Product Code: CER96
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Spelt Grains, Cereals, Pulses & Flour

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