Extra Virgin Macadamia Oil 250ml (Mokhado)
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Product Code: OIL91

Extra Virgin Macadamia Oil 250ml (Mokhado)

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Pure Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Oil

  • No Trans Fat.
  • Cholesterol Free.
  • High levels of mono-unsaturated fats.
  • With Palmitoleic Acid which aids metabolism.

Great for drizzling, dipping, roasting, dressings and pesto!

Macadamia nut oil is a great source of healthy fats, containing high levels of omega 3 and 6, anti-oxidants and monounsaturated fat. The cold pressing process helps to retain all the nutritional qualities found within the macadamia nut oil. It has a very mild, buttery, slightly nutty flavour which makes it wonderful for sauces, vinaigrettes and sauteeing vegetables.


This oil has a reasonable smoke point (210°C) which means it can be used in stir fries, sautéing as well as being used instead of butter in baking recipes or to coat vegetables. You could also use macadamia nut oil to dress salads.

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100% Unrefined Macadamia Nut Oil. Product of South Africa. For more information on our ingredients policy please see here

Nutritional Information

Typical ValuesPer 15ml serving
Energy130 calories
_of which saturates2g

Price: £6.95
Product Code: OIL91

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