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Dulse Flakes 30g (Mara Seaweed)

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100% Pure Dulse (Dillisk or Duileasc)

  • Ready-to-use flakes of Dulse sea vegetable.
  • Has a rich, deep smoky flavour with a little spice.
  • Sprinkle into soups, stocks and stews.
  • Sustainably harvested from the shores of the UK and Ireland.
This handy tin with integrated shaker makes it simple to include seaweed in your diet. Remember that dried seaweed will expand to several times its size and can simply be stirred into any soup, stew or broth. Dulse is high in Potassium and low in sodium so offers a natural way to add extra nutrients to your meals.

Dulse was traditionally harvested and eaten as a snack. Its richer taste suits red meats such as lamb, vension and beef. Dulse flakes will also add seasoning to a variety of vegetable mashes, leafy vegetables and steamed fish such as salmon.

A suggested serving size per person is one teaspoon.


100% Pure Dulse [Palmaria Palmata] Seaweed.

Keep dry, sealed and away from direct sunlight. For more information on our ingredients policy please see here

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