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Season's First Harvest of Young Green Tea Leaves
Sencha green tea is made using the first young, tender tea leaves of the year. They are processed immediately after picking and foiled to retain the fresh taste and colour. This makes a light, refreshing tea.
Buy 3 or more for 3.41 each
Premium Sencha Tea with Roasted Rice
Resulting in a light, aromatic and nutty flavoured tea. It uses the young sencha leaves from the first spring harvest, qually combined with gently roasted brown rice.
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Mature Green Tea, Roasted & Freshly Packed
Rich and smoky in flavour and lower in caffeine than most green teas. This green tea is very commonly consumed in Japan.

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Mature Tea Stems and Leaves
This mild, refreshing tea is made using Japanese tea stems and a small amount of tea leaves. This particular tea is very low in caffeine - much lower than normal tea.
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