Matcha Green Tea Blend, Organic, 20 bags (Clearspring)

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Japanese Green Tea Blend

  • Organic produce.
  • Clean, refreshing flavour.
  • Perfect pick-me-up.
  • Convenient tea bags.
  • 20 bags.
  • Contains naturally occurring anti-oxidants.
Blended in Japan for Clearspring, this Green Tea mix is light, smooth and uplifting. These teabags contain Green Tea Leaves and Matcha Green Tea Powder, which is blended and packed immediately after production to preserve its freshness.

Matcha Tea is made from the whole ground green tips of the new season's harvest. These leaves are unroasted (unlike many Indian and Chinese Teas) and lightly steamed for a short while in order to preserve the natural antioxidants.

Instructions for Use:

Green Tea Leaves* (97.5%), Matcha Green Tea Powder* (2.5%). (* =organically grown)

Produce of Japan. ( Please note that this tea is not Caffeine Free.)

Foil wrapped for freshness at Nagata Tea Gardens, Kyoto, Japan.

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Use one teabag per person. Boil fresh water and leave to cool for a minute before pouring over the tea bag. Infuse for 1-2 minutes only for the best flavour. For more information on our ingredients policy please see here

OrganicVegetarian, Vegan.

Price: 3.89
Product Code: TEMT1

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