Bamboo Sushi Rolling Mat (Clearspring)

£1.99    Product Code: CLSSM

Traditional Bamboo Mat for Sushi Rolls

Sushi mats make rolling nori rolls just that little bit easier. The woody texture of the bamboo helps to grip the seaweed (or rice) and pulls the sushi in tightly.

On the back of the packet, there are simple step by step directions and illustrations about how to roll.

Basic Sushi Ingredients

To make a typical sushi roll you will need:
  • Sushi Nori
  • Sushi Rice (white or brown)
  • A filling such as cucumber, carrot, smoked salmon, Umeboshi plumbs, pepper, spring onion...
  • Sushi Rice Seasoning.
  • Mirin
  • Condiments include:

  • Wasabi
  • Pickled ginger.
  • Umeboshi Purèe.
  • Teriyaki sauce

  • Price: £1.99
    Product Code: CLSSM

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