Hampshire Foods Celery Seeds.

Celery Seeds 50g (Hampshire Foods)

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Loose Celery Seeds in a 50g Bag

  • Strong aromatic seeds.
  • Bitter and slightly lemon-like in taste.
  • Used in soups, stews, curries and with vegetables.
Celery seeds are the tiny dried fruits of the celery plant. They have a strong aroma; a slightly bitter, lemony flavour and has been compared to that of Fenugreek.


Celery seeds can be roasted or fried in very little cooking oil. This helps the seeds to release their aroma into the dish.

You can also use celery seeds to make "celery salt", which is a popular flavoured salt. Simply grind the seeds, together with the salt, in a mortar-and-pestle or a spice blender. Celery salt is used to flavour hot dogs, as well as the "Bloody Mary" cocktail.

Celery seeds are often sprinkled onto salads, and they do actually have a celery-like flavour. Crush the seeds beforehand in order to release maximum flavour.

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Celery seeds. For more information on our ingredients policy please see here

Vegetarian, Vegan.

Price: £1.99
Product Code: ZCLY1

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