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Cardamom: Green Cardamom [Whole] 50g (TRS)

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Green Cardamom Pods

  • Whole green cardamom pods.
  • Use in Indian desserts and light curries.
  • Delicate flavour and fragrance.
Green Cardamoms are typically used in sweet dishes, but also play a role in some types of curry. They have a flowery aroma and are used to flavour dishes as diverse as kulfi (an Indian sweet), korma or light curries, or for flavouring teas. Green cardamom pods consist of a thin outer shell containing several little seeds. The seeds contain the main flavour, so you can either crush the pods and use the seeds directly, or add the pods whole. Either way, these green cardamoms will add a subtle note to a wide variety of dishes.


These green cardamom pods contain seeds. Each pod contains several seeds. The seeds contain all of the flavour.
  • Use green cardamom pods to flavour kulfi or other Indian desserts. Kulfi is made from condensed milk, heated in a pan. Add a whole handful of cardamom pods to the pan. Also add sugar and other flavourings and leave the pan to simmer for 10-15 minutes before leaving to cool for half an hour, stirring occasionally. Remove the cardamom pods, freeze into dessert shapes and serve.
  • Add green cardamom pods to light curries such as korma.
Green cardamoms, whole. Produce of Guatemala.
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Vegetarian, Vegan.

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